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Collection of my #Syria cartoons from April 2011 to May 2012

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Compilation of my cartoons about #F1 in #Bahrain for free reproduction

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NEW! @guardian has featured reaction of #Bahrain govt over my cartoons about #F1

Guardian’s Middle East Live Blog has published about Bahrain government reaction over my cartoons on Formula One.

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Lecture/exhibition for #Palestine yesterday in Kypseli, Athens

Photos of yesterday night event, a lecture with me and Palestinian activist Sana Kassem, along an exhibition of my cartoons, organized by Solidarity Network to the Palestinian Resistance in the old market of Kypseli, Athens.

Original post here: http://www.palestineresist.gr/index.php/events/231-latuff

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Interview for the Hezbollah website, March 22th 2012 #Palestine #Egypt #Lebanon

Original post: http://bit.ly/H031FB

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Anti-Bashar/anti-US intervention cartoons in a Turkish protest for #Syria

The cartoons I made against Bashar al-Assad and US intervention in Syria were used by demonstrators in Turkey yesterday.

Hat tip: @Esrasays

Interview for the #Lebanon newspaper Al-Safir, today’s edition

An interview conducted by the competent journalist Johayna Khaldie for the Lebanese newspaper Al-Safir.

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