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#Syria Refugees Tragedy (cartoons) via @operamundi and @MiddleEastEye

Syrian refugees Hungary USA European Union Syria refugees war Operamundi Gulf countries and Syrian refugees Middle East Eye


Please, RT! Treating #Ebola in US/Europe and Africa, via @al_tagreer


Treating Ebola in USA Europe and Africa AltagreerTreating Ebola in USA Europe and Africa Altagreer Arabic

Europe: past and present – #cartoon @al_tagreer – #Islamophobia


Europe past and present Altagreer

Marine Le Pen @MLP_officiel and the rise of far-right parties in Europe #Cartoon @operamundi


Far right Marine Le Pen wins European parliament elections in France

#Cartoon @causa_operaria – Evo Morales in Europe

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Evo Morales impedido de deixar a Europa

#Cartoon @edromos – Nazis always thrive amid the economic crisis – #Greece

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One more #cartoon suggestion for @Charlie_Hebdo_ – Freedom of Speech and #Islamophobia

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