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The @Independent has shown pic of #Bahrain protester holding one of my #F1 toons

The Independent: F1: Tear gas used to quell Bahrain Grand Prix protests http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/motor-racing/f1-tear-gas-used-to-quell-bahrain-grand-prix-protests-8575618.html

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The Independent April 17 2013

My #F1 in #Bahrain cartoon published yesterday in the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung

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Jornal @Publico de #Portugal publica minha charge sobre #F1 no #Bahrain

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NEW! @guardian has featured reaction of #Bahrain govt over my cartoons about #F1

Guardian’s Middle East Live Blog has published about Bahrain government reaction over my cartoons on Formula One.

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#Cartoon – Bernie Ecclestone: Deaf by convenience – #Bahrain #F1

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Another #F1 cartoon used in a protest, Sehla, #Bahrain

The artwork I made in January 12, calling to boycott to the Formula One in Bahrain, was used in another prostest.

(Associated Press) Bahraini anti-government protesters carry a poster calling for a boycott of next weekend’s Formula OneBahrain Grand Prix during a march Sunday, April 15, 2012, in Sehla, Bahrain, near the capital of Manama. The Arabic reads, “formula in Bahrain is crushing the bodies of the people.” Thousands of protesters, many waving national flags, called for the fall of the Bahraini regime and freedom for political prisoners.

#Cartoon – #F1 gift for the people of #Bahrain

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#Cartoon – #F1 in #Bahrain: The Tank Man

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#Cartoon – #F1 in #Bahrain: Gentlemen, start your engines!

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I participated yesterday on @BBC_whys about #F1 in #Bahrain. It starts at 23:47

#Cartoon for @Operamundi – Red carpet for Bernie Ecclestone in #Bahrain – #F1

Original post (in Portuguese): http://operamundi.uol.com.br/conteudo/opiniao/21127/formula+1+no+bahrain+rei+hamad+estende+tapete+vermelho+para+ecclestone.shtml

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My #Bahrain Grand Prix of #F1 logo featured on @guardian

My “suggestion” to Bernie Ecclestone for a new Bahrain Grand Prix of Formula One logo was published by Guardian Middle East Live Blog.

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My suggestion for Bernie Ecclestone: New logo for #Bahrain Grand Prix of #F1

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#Cartoon – #F1 in #Bahrain: Smokescreen for King Hamad crackdown on pro-democracy movement #FEB14

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Another of my toons against #F1 in #Bahrain turned into graffiti in Barbar

(Associated Press) A Bahraini carrying a child passes a wall Thursday, April 5, 2012, in Barbar, Bahrain, west of the capital of Manama, that is painted with graffiti depicting Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa in a race car, calling for a boycott of this year’s Formula OneBahrain grand prix, scheduled for April 22. The Arabic is a signature reading “free men of Barbar.” A year after an anti-government uprising forced Bahrain’s rulers to cancel the kingdom’s coveted Formula One race, the grand prix is again smack in the middle of a power struggle.

People of #Bahrain never cease to amaze me: My #F1 toon converted in mural in Barbar villlage

The valiant Bahrainis never cease to amaze me. The cartoon I made 3 days ago, following suggestion of @THE_EMPEROR889, about The Bahrain Grand Prix, is now a mural in the village of Barbar. There’s no better payment than having my art being used by people.

Hat tip @bhnewsnetwork and @khalidolam

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#Cartoon – King Hamad, Bernie Ecclestone and #F1 in #Bahrain – Hat tip @THE_EMPEROR889

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Boycott #F1 in #Bahrain: Photos of protest outside of F1 HQ in London

Demonstration against Formula One in Bahrain outside F1 headquarters in London. Protesters were holding a collage of my cartoons. Thanks for the kindness.

Hat tip @Bahrain22 and @Bahrain14FebRT


Boycott #F1 in #Bahrain Campaign, 2 new artworks

Guardian: Why this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix should not be taking place

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Another artwork for Boycott #Bahrain Grand Prix Campaign

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Artwork for Boycott #F1 in #Bahrain Campaign

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