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Cartoon reproduced in a protest of Kurds

One of my cartoons about Erdogan’s support of ISIS in seen in a protest against military actions against Kurds. Cologne, , January 27, 2018. Photo: PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images

Kurds protest against Turkish military actions Cologne Germany January 27 2018 PATRIK STOLLARZ AFP Getty Images

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Please, retweet! World Cup in Brazil and @Israel – cartoon @jornalSul21 #GazaUnderAttack


World Cup in Brazil and Israel English

Netanyahu’s bomb #cartoon featured on Germany weekly @derfreitag

Original article in German http://www.freitag.de/autoren/emran-feroz/ein-paranoider-kriegstreiber

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#Cartoon @Operamundi – #Germany’s Road to #Islamophobia

Onislam: Germany’s Road to Islamophobia http://www.onislam.net/english/news/europe/457431-germanys-road-to-islamophobia.html

Original cartoon post, in Portuguese http://operamundi.uol.com.br/conteudo/oplarge)iniao/22291/na+alemanha+a+historia+se+repete.+so+mudam+os+alvos.shtml

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