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Kurdish hunger strikers #cartoon featured in the Turkish newspaper @Ozgur_GundeM

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#Cartoon @Operamundi – World silence over Kurdish hunger strikers in #Turkey

Guardian: Turkish Kurds’ jail hunger strikes fails to move Erdogan government http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/oct/25/turkish-kurds-hunger-strike-erdogan

Operamundi original post in Portuguese http://operamundi.uol.com.br/conteudo/opiniao/25132/mundo+silencia+frente+a+greve+de+fome+de+prisioneiros+curdos+na+turquia.shtml

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#Palestine hunger strikers #cartoon in a demo in Seoul, South #Korea

Protesters demand the immediate release of all Palestinian political detainees in front of the Israeli Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, 21 of June. The protest was organized by Palestinian Peace and Solidarity Seoul http://intifadakorea.wordpress.com/

Photos by Yaping Dyung.

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My cartoon for @Europalestine1 about #MahmoudSarsak featured on @AJStream

Original post – No flags raised for footballer’s strike: As fans around the world follow the Euro 2012 tournament, activists draw attention to a Palestinian footballer’s hunger strike. http://stream.aljazeera.com/story/no-flags-raised-footballers-strike-0022236

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My #Palhunger cartoon on the cover of “This Week in #Palestine” magazine – Via @papacapimveg


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Cartoons in solidarity with #Egypt hunger strikers – #MODHunger

Ahram Online: Activists launch hunger strike to protest military rule, tribunals

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Another Mother’s Day #Cartoon – Solidarity w/mothers of Palestinian hunger strikers #Palhunger

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