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A #cartoon for Mohamed @ElBaradei :) – #Egypt #Jan25

Yesterday I had a quick meeting with Mohamed ElBaradei in Sao Paulo. 🙂

(Photos by Melanie Euler)

Our meeting has inspired me 🙂

Anti #Mubarak cartoons featured in #Egypt newspaper Al Ahram

@Amrixor, who kindly made these scans, has commented:

“Guess what !! Ahram Journal had published a Carlos Latuff cartoon in 20Jan2012 before the 1st anniversary of 25Jan revolution!!
The irony dramatic part: Ahram Journal is considered in Egypt as the SCAF & any Upcoming-Governer’s Journal.”

Original posts here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/amrixor/6895967553/in/photostream


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#Cartoon – حملة مقاطعة منتجات القوات المسلحه Boycott SCAF Products – #Egypt

Boycott SCAF Products Campaign on Facebook.

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#Cartoon – The motorcycle heroes of #Tahrir – #Egypt

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Interview with Carlos Latuff on #Jan25 published by Al-Akhbar newspaper, #Egypt

An interview with me by Radwa Zayed for the Egyptian newspaper Al-Akhbar, January 25th 2012 edition.

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#Cartoon – Ultras Ahlawy showing #SCAF the red card! – اعظم نادى فى الكون

Hat tip Fattah Hamza

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Another #Egypt demonstrators holding cartoon on the anniversary of #Jan25 Revolution yesterday

Protesters marching to Tahrir Square, holding banners and my “No SCAF” cartoon. Thousands gather in Cairo yesterday to mark one year of the revolution that toppled dictator Hosni Mubarak.

This shot was made by Gigi Ibrahim and published in her Flickr gallery.

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