"A função do artista é violentar" (Glauber Rocha)

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Apartheid Woman Versus Mother #Palestine

Via mondoweiss.net

Apartheid Woman VS Mother Palestine Israel Wonder Woman Mondoweiss



I can’t make any prediction for 2015…EXCEPT that struggle in #Palestine will continue!

Mother Palestine  2015 struggle will continue


Although all the carnage commited by Israel, Palestine will live to fight again! Via @al_tagreer

Mother Palestine New Year 2015 Altagreer


Please RT! Mother #Palestine mourns death of #Gaza children killed by @Israel Via @MiddleEastMnt

Mother Palestine mourns the death of Gaza children slaughtered by Israel Middle East Monitor


Please, RT! Mother #Palestine: #Gaza RESISTS! Via @MiddleEastMnt

Mother Palestine Gaza Middle East Monitor

Please, retweet! Mother #Palestine says: Hey @netanyahu look what you’ve done! Cartoon @al_tagreer


Hey Netanyahu look what youve done says Mother Palestine Altagreer

Mother #Palestine mourns the slain of one of her sons: Mohammed Abu Khdeir via @alaraby_ar


Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir killed in revenge attack by hard-line Israelis Al Araby