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Front page of @Hurriyet with one of my toons about @twitter ban in Turkey – Via @Irmak_Ye

Hurriyet Turkish newspaper March22 2014Twitter Erdogan censorship

I was interviewed by Turkish daily @yenisafak

Yeni Safak Turkish newspaper 19Jan2014 A Yeni Safak Turkish newspaper 19Jan2014 B


Ariel Sharon’s toon in the Turkish daily @SolGazetesi via @donostistanbul

SoL Turkish newspaper January 2014

My #Libya cartoon on the cover of Correo de Orinoco newspaper (2011) via @dfsvenezuela

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Correo del Orinoco newspaper Sept 9 2011

EU US vultures in Libya Latuff 2011

My Ehud Barak cartoon featured on Saturday edition of Lebanese newspaper @AlakhbarNews

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Al Akhbar Lebanese newspaper Dec 08 2012


Kurdish hunger strikers #cartoon featured in the Turkish newspaper @Ozgur_GundeM

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Interview for the Italian newspaper Il Manifesto @ilmanifesto2012


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#Cartoons on the cover of Fortnightly Class Struggle newspaper, #Pakistan, 2011


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Interview for the #Lebanon newspaper Al-Safir, today’s edition

An interview conducted by the competent journalist Johayna Khaldie for the Lebanese newspaper Al-Safir.

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Angela Merkel and #Greece cartoon featured on the cover of Greek newspaper @edromos

Original post: https://latuffcartoons.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/cartoon-for-operamundi-all-options-on-the-table-for-greece/

Anti #Mubarak cartoons featured in #Egypt newspaper Al Ahram

@Amrixor, who kindly made these scans, has commented:

“Guess what !! Ahram Journal had published a Carlos Latuff cartoon in 20Jan2012 before the 1st anniversary of 25Jan revolution!!
The irony dramatic part: Ahram Journal is considered in Egypt as the SCAF & any Upcoming-Governer’s Journal.”

Original posts here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/amrixor/6895967553/in/photostream


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Cartoon to be published on the new #Egypt newspaper el-Metro.

“Egypt breaking free” cartoon to be published on the new Egyptian newspaper el-Metro.

Hat tip @embratorelhorya

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Interview with Carlos Latuff on #Jan25 published by Al-Akhbar newspaper, #Egypt

An interview with me by Radwa Zayed for the Egyptian newspaper Al-Akhbar, January 25th 2012 edition.

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