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George Floyd murder, police violence, racism in the United States and Trump’s reaction (cartoons)

Cartoons by Mint Press News and Mondoweiss


Please, RT! Thanksgiving in #Ferguson – #FergusonDecision #mikebrownverdict #BlackFriday

Thanksgiving in Ferguson


Please, RT! #Greece’s #RiotDog #Loukanikos has passed way. Goodbye, comrade!

Loukanikos riot dog Greece


Please, RT! Stand with the People of #Ferguson! #MikeBrown

Stand with the people of Ferguson


Please, RT! “No more pigs in our community!” Black Panthers quote apllies to today’s #Ferguson

No more pigs in our community Ferguson


Berkin Elvan, Turkish teenager killed by @RT_Erdogan’s police (cartoon)

Berkin Elvan teenager murdered by Erdogans police

#Cartoon @Operamundi – #Greece police torture kit – @edromos

Amnesty International: http://www.amnesty.org/en/news/greek-police-photoshop-away-signs-brutality-mugshots-2013-02-04

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Greek Police torture kit

Priceless! During a demo, man defies a cop showing my #Greece fascist police toon/Via @okochos

During an Anarchist demonstration yesterday, in solidarity with the Villa Amalias/Skaramanga squats that were evicted, a man defies a cop showing my Greece fascist police cartoon. Athens, Greece. (Hat tip Kayoazul)

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Man defies a cop with a Latuff cartoon Athens Greece January 12 2013

Greek Police Golden Dawn


#Cartoon – Η φασιστική αστυνομία της Ελλάδας – #Greece #Antifa

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Greek Police Golden Dawn

#Cartoon – How #India police deal with #rape complaints

SituationsAsia: Indian Police & Rape http://www.situationsasia.com/node/694

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How Indian police deal with rape complaints

#Cartoon – King Hamad’s watchdogs: John Yates and John Timoney – #Bahrain

Bahrain Freedom Movement: Carpet Gassing of Bahrainis by Timoney and Yate’s Forces

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