"A função do artista é violentar" (Glauber Rocha)

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Samer Abu Eisheh, detained by IDF in Earth Day demo, Jerusalem. He has one of my toons in his right arm




Tribute to the photographer #Elhusseini Abo Dief, shot in the head at #ittihadeya #Egypt

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Photographer killed during clashes presidential palace Cairo Elhusseini Abo Dief

My 2009 cartoon in a #Gaza protest, New Delhi, #India – via Prakash K Ray @pkray11

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Some of my old #Gaza toons in a demo yesterday at Opera Garnier #Paris

Pro-palestinian supporters, members of the National Collective for a fair peace between Palestinians and Israeli (Collectif National pour une paix juste entre Palestiniens et Israéliens), demonstrate in front of the Opera Garnier on November 17, 2012 in Paris to protest against Israel’s ongoing airstrike over Gaza. (THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty Images)

My #Rohingya #cartoon converted into a HUGE banner in #Indonesia – Via @JamilaHanan

Cartoon I made about Rohingya Muslims in Burma was converted into a huge banner and shown during a protest  in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Original video via Euronews http://youtu.be/OBaCp1Z9CMs

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(Euronews)(Associated Press)

Recent cartoons used by protesters in #Tahrir Square, #Egypt

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Via @IslamRahman

Via @Agenda_kid

During a demo in Duraz, #Bahrain, kid holds the toon I made on Yates & Timoney

Bahrain Freedom Movement: Carpet Gassing of Bahrainis by Timoney and Yate’s Forces

Hat tip @yaqoob zayed

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