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My #Rohingya #cartoon converted into a HUGE banner in #Indonesia – Via @JamilaHanan

Cartoon I made about Rohingya Muslims in Burma was converted into a huge banner and shown during a protest  in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Original video via Euronews http://youtu.be/OBaCp1Z9CMs

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(Euronews)(Associated Press)

Recent cartoons used by protesters in #Tahrir Square, #Egypt

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Via @IslamRahman

Via @Agenda_kid

During a demo in Duraz, #Bahrain, kid holds the toon I made on Yates & Timoney

Bahrain Freedom Movement: Carpet Gassing of Bahrainis by Timoney and Yate’s Forces

Hat tip @yaqoob zayed

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Protesters in #Malaysia using my Speak for #Palestine cartoon, March 30

(Getty Images) Malaysian Muslims hold placards and shout anti Israel slogans during a rally in support of Palestine in Shah Alam, outside Kuala Lumpur on March 30, 2012. People across Israel and Palestinian territories are holding a series of rallies on March 30 to mark ‘Land Day,’ which recalls an incident in 1976 when Israeli troops shot and killed six people during protests against land confiscations.

My cartoon on Ahmed Harara in the hands of #Egypt revolutionaries yesterday

(Getty Images) Egyptian protesters shout slogans against the military rule during a demonstration in Cairo’s Tahrir square on May 4, 2012 as thousands of people took to the streets in the Egyptian capital and the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, days after bloody clashes near the defence ministry raised tensions ahead of landmark presidential elections. Arabic writing on placard reasds: ‘The revolution continues in the square’.

Impressive photo of women using Abdulhadi al-Khawaja cartoon in Manama, #Bahrain via @SAlwadaei

Cartoon I made for Bahraini activist Abdulhadi al-Khawaja being used by women today in Manama, according @SAlwadaei

Photo by @ianparkesf1

Another #F1 cartoon used in a protest, Sehla, #Bahrain

The artwork I made in January 12, calling to boycott to the Formula One in Bahrain, was used in another prostest.

(Associated Press) Bahraini anti-government protesters carry a poster calling for a boycott of next weekend’s Formula OneBahrain Grand Prix during a march Sunday, April 15, 2012, in Sehla, Bahrain, near the capital of Manama. The Arabic reads, “formula in Bahrain is crushing the bodies of the people.” Thousands of protesters, many waving national flags, called for the fall of the Bahraini regime and freedom for political prisoners.