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George Floyd murder, police violence, racism in the United States and Trump’s reaction (cartoons)

Cartoons by Mint Press News and Mondoweiss

Please RT! Police brutality in USA. Via @brasil247 #Ferguson #MichaelBrown #MikeBrown


Police Brutality United States Ferguson

#Cartoon @Operamundi – Italian Minister @ckyenge: “I don’t believe in giving up”

“I arrived in Italy alone at 18 years old, and I don’t believe in giving up in front of obstacles”

Cécile Kyenge, Italy’s first black minister, targeted with bananas

Original article in Portuguese http://operamundi.uol.com.br/conteudo/opiniao/30316/cecile+kyenge+pisa+no+racismo+italiano+.shtml

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Cecile Kyenge Italian Minister

Bananas Thrown At Black Italian Minister

Bananas thrown at black Italian minister during speech http://news.yahoo.com/bananas-thrown-black-italian-minister-during-speech-094701655.html

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Ataque racista com bananas na Italia