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Ahmed Shafiq #cartoon used by #Egypt hunger strikers

(Reuters) Protesters lie down during a hunger strike in front of Egypt’s cabinet office in Cairo June 11, 2012. Around 60 activists are on the sixth day of a hunger strike demanding that former military man Ahmed Shafik is banned from running for president, and for the release of thousands of prisoners held by the military. The protesters say they will continue the hunger strike until June 14, when a court will rule on the validity of a law passed by parliament but not implemented that Mubarak-era officials be banned from participating in politics.

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My Khaled Said cartoon in the hands of a protester in #Egypt yesterday

(Reuters) A demonstrator stands in silence for the second anniversary of the death of Egyptian Khaled Said over the Qasr El Nile bridge in Cairo June 6, 2012. Said, 28, was beaten to death by police in Alexandria in June 2010 with his body barely recognisable after he posted a video showing police officers sharing the spoils of a drugs bust, according to his family. The act of brutality galvanised further protests, in particular, the anti-torture Facebook page “We are Khaled Said”. The page helped crystallize Egypt’s political movement which eventually toppled the regime of President Hosni Mubarak. The sign reads “Executed from he who has killed me (mubarak)”.