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Pregnant woman and her toddler killed by #Israel airstrikes in #Gaza

Pregnant woman and her toddler killed by airstrikes in . Meanwhile, US military aid to Israel set to exceed $3.8 billion dollars. Via mondoweiss Israel airstrikes Gaza Mondoweiss



Trump and his partners in (war) crimes UK and France bombing #Syria

Via mintpressnews.com

Macron May Trump Syria bombing MintPressNews

Donald Trump elected president of the United States (cartoons)

Via Mondoweiss and Hunasotakdonald-trump-the-new-president-of-usa-rnwdonald-trump-us-president-mondoweissmiddle-east-options-clinton-trump-rnwus-election-for-palestine-clinton-trump-mondoweiss

#Syria Refugees Tragedy (cartoons) via @operamundi and @MiddleEastEye

Syrian refugees Hungary USA European Union Syria refugees war Operamundi Gulf countries and Syrian refugees Middle East Eye


Please, RT! Al-Sisi, the @WhiteHouse pharaoh for #Egypt, via @MiddleEastMnt

General al Sisi Egypt Middle East Monitor

Please, RT! U.S. Senate report on @CIA torture, via @operamundi #TortureReport


Senate report on CIA tortures

Please, RT! What if @BarackObama was just another Black man in #Ferguson? Via @brasil247


Obama Ferguson ENGLISH Obama Ferguson