"A função do artista é violentar" (Glauber Rocha)

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Please, RT! Happy New WHAT?! #Syria #Iraq #Ukraine #Gaza #Afghanistan Via @operamundi

New Years Eve Gaza Afghanistan Syria Ukraine Iraq

Please RT! Thank you @NobelPrize Peace laureate @BarackObama via @al_tagreer


Obama Gaza Syria Iraq Ukraine Afghanistan Altagreer English Obama Gaza Syria Iraq Ukraine Afghanistan Altagreer

Please, RT! ISIS: @BarackObama’s best scapegoat! via @al_tagreer #Syria


Obama scapegoat ISIS Syria Altagreer Arabic Obama scapegoat ISIS Syria Altagreer

Please RT! US eagle flying over #Iraq has two targets! Via @al_tagreer


al Maliki resignation Iraq Altagreer

Nuri al-Maliki walking a tight rope in Iraq – #Cartoon @alaraby_ar


Nouri al-Maliki ISIL Iraq Al Araby

Ok if Sunnis and Shias are killing each other but…DON’T TOUCH MY OIL! Via @al_tagreer


US Iraq Shias Sunnis oil Altagreer Arabic US Iraq Shias Sunnis oil Altagreer English

Sectarian war in #Iraq – Via @al_tagreer


Sectarian war in Iraq Altagreer

Saudi-funded ISIL terrorism in #Iraq and #Syria – #cartoon @Operamundi


Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant


وصية بوش في العراق – Bush’s legacy in Iraq (cartoon)

Why the war in Iraq was fought for Big Oil

http://edition.cnn.com/2013/03/19/opinion/iraq-war-oil-juhasz/George W Bush legacy in Iraq

#Cartoon @Operamundi – The War Businessman – #Iraq #Afghanistan #Libya #Syria #Iran

Original article in Portuguese http://operamundi.uol.com.br/conteudo/opiniao/28000/10+anos+da+invasao+ao+iraque+o+empresario+da+guerra.shtml

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war businessman

The first ever book about the life and work of Carlos Latuff

The Swedish publishing house Verbal Förlag has released the book Latuff – using the pen as a weapon. The book spans 128 pages and features Latuffs cartoons from 2002–2011, and covers areas such as Palestine, Iraq and the Arabic spring.

It also features a long interview in which Latuff explains his political viewpoints and gives his toughts on how art can be used as a weapon in the struggle for social justice. In addition, the book also contains an essay by Swedish art historian and cartoonist Elisa Rossholm, which reflects on the relationship between art and propaganda and draws parallels between Latuff and artists such as Francois de Goya, Honoré Daumier and John Heartfield.
The book, written entirely in Swedish, can be bought directly from the publishing house – http://verbalforlag.se/order – or here: http://www.adlibris.com/se/product.aspx?isbn=9197749532
The editor Ivar Andersen can be contacted through e-mail – ivarsmejl@gmail.com – or twitter – @IvarAndersen.

Latuff Cartoon Collection 2011 available for free download at Internet Archive

The collection of artworks I made along 2011 are now available for free download at Internet Archive, including all cartoons I produced for Arab Spring protesters, release of Gilad Shalit, admission of Palestine to UNESCO, death of Osama bin Laden,  September 11 attacks anniversary, Japan earthquake/tsunami, Fukushima radiation leak, Occupy Wall Street Movement, end of Iraq War, etc.

http://www.archive.org/details/LatuffCartoons2011 (Check “View the Book/All files” section)

Direct link http://ia700809.us.archive.org/33/items/LatuffCartoons2011/LatuffCartoons2011.zip

My cartoons available for free download

All cartoons I produced  along 2011, including those I made for Arab Spring protesters (Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, Syria)

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Palestine, Israel, Lebanon cartoons (2002-2008)


Iraq War cartoons (2002-2008)