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Another of my toons converted into a poster in Faquaa village, near Jenin, #Palestine

(Getty Images) A protester holds a poster reading ‘No to occupation, settlements and division. Yes to a Palestinian state, national unity and popular resistance.’ during a rally held by Palestinian and foreign peace activists to mark the 10th anniversary of the Arab Peace Initiative, seeking to end Israeli occupation and establish an independent Palestinian state, in the West Bank village of Faquaa near Jenin on April 28, 2012.

في تلك الأثناء بمطار السعودية (Cartoon) Meanwhile in the Saudi airport – #Egypt #KSA

CNN: Saudi Arabia closes embassy in Egypt; pulls ambassador 

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Dibujo para M15, el Movimiento de los #Indignados de España

Hat tip @ADGwitter

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#Charge – Síntese da aliança PC do B/PP para a disputa da prefeitura de Porto Alegre

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My #F1 in #Bahrain cartoon published yesterday in the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung

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Jornal @Publico de #Portugal publica minha charge sobre #F1 no #Bahrain

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Compilation of my cartoons about #F1 in #Bahrain for free reproduction

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