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Bernie Ecclestone and @F1 whitewashing #Bahrain dictatorship! #BahrainGP #BahrainFormula1

Bahrain Grand Prix Formule 1

#Cartoon for the people of #Bahrain: No to the #F1 of BLOOD!

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Formula One in Bahrain

The @Independent has shown pic of #Bahrain protester holding one of my #F1 toons

The Independent: F1: Tear gas used to quell Bahrain Grand Prix protests http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/motor-racing/f1-tear-gas-used-to-quell-bahrain-grand-prix-protests-8575618.html

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The Independent April 17 2013

The @Telegraph has shown pic of #Bahrain protester holding one of my #F1 toons

The Telegraph: Bahrain on edge ahead of Formula One race http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/bahrain/10000968/Bahrain-on-edge-ahead-of-Formula-One-race.html

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The Telegraph April 17 2013



Compilation of my cartoons about #F1 in #Bahrain for free reproduction

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#Cartoon – Bernie Ecclestone: Deaf by convenience – #Bahrain #F1

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#Cartoon for @Operamundi – Red carpet for Bernie Ecclestone in #Bahrain – #F1

Original post (in Portuguese): http://operamundi.uol.com.br/conteudo/opiniao/21127/formula+1+no+bahrain+rei+hamad+estende+tapete+vermelho+para+ecclestone.shtml

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My #Bahrain Grand Prix of #F1 logo featured on @guardian

My “suggestion” to Bernie Ecclestone for a new Bahrain Grand Prix of Formula One logo was published by Guardian Middle East Live Blog.

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My suggestion for Bernie Ecclestone: New logo for #Bahrain Grand Prix of #F1

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#Cartoon – #F1 in #Bahrain: Smokescreen for King Hamad crackdown on pro-democracy movement #FEB14

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People of #Bahrain never cease to amaze me: My #F1 toon converted in mural in Barbar villlage

The valiant Bahrainis never cease to amaze me. The cartoon I made 3 days ago, following suggestion of @THE_EMPEROR889, about The Bahrain Grand Prix, is now a mural in the village of Barbar. There’s no better payment than having my art being used by people.

Hat tip @bhnewsnetwork and @khalidolam

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#Cartoon – King Hamad, Bernie Ecclestone and #F1 in #Bahrain – Hat tip @THE_EMPEROR889

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Boycott #F1 in #Bahrain Campaign, 2 new artworks

Guardian: Why this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix should not be taking place

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#Cartoon – “I don’t think it’s anything serious”, says #F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone about #Bahrain

Guardian: Bernie Ecclestone resists calls to cancel Bahrain Grand Prix

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